Why makeup artists are still important regardless of restrictions

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Mark your calendars and RSVP to join us as we discuss on why makeup artists are still important regardless of restrictions and where you can still be successful in the career you’ve been dreaming of 👋

We still have a wonderful Advanced Makeup Diploma Program with pals The Esthetic Institute Training Center and look forward to our program’s start date coming up in April. Our discussion will include :

✔ opportunities/jobs available from corporate to fashion to wedding to commercial ✔ recent opportunities and growth still occuring in a thriving beauty industry. Not slowing down anytime soon ✔ what the Trena Laine online + in person workshops teaches that is relevant and trains students for real life client experience ✔ seeking a career change or supplementing your current income or taking a passion into a dream come true.

RSVP to Vanessa@estheticinstitute.ca and come meet us, past graduates and current Makeup Artists to hear their success and how they’ve pivoted their careers. Learn more here https://www.estheticinstitute.ca/advanced-makeup-artistry

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