What to think of for winter makeup and hair

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We love winter weddings.

Our thoughts on winter makeup and hair planning.

Typically, we find ourselves in late fall accomodating our weddings with more of a winter approach.

Especially, when the wedding is hosted in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

Chilly wind along with any form of precipitation, like sleet can do wonders to your hair and skin.

Pending weather, these thoughts should be discussed at the time of your pre-wedding trial with your artist.

We like game planning a backup plan for the worst-case scenario and making sure we are all same page that we may be taking a chance.

A chance on the weather needs to be discussed.

One of our late fall weddings out in Lake Louise, we did leave the hair down and the hair would have stayed put, but, good old mother nature decided to literally DUMP snow onto everyone during photos.

The bride quickly re-curled her hair but did find it easy to do given how much product was in her hair, to begin with.

It made more for a LOL vs her feeling stressed or annoyed

As long as we are on the same page with our clients, the weather should not be stressing anyone.


You can not avoid tired and red eyes.

Certainly can not avoid watery eyes from either a cold day with sun glare on the snow and if windy, well, forget about it.

Watery eyes can and will happen.

However, with our team, we assess and chat about these situations that may occur so we can game plan your wedding day look and aim to be 90% there at trial time.

We also need to be mindful of other skin issues or sensitivities that may occur following from trial to wedding day, but this is something again we visit with our wedding clients.

Inquire about your wedding date.

We are booking into 2022-2023.

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photo credit L-R : Milton Photography } Edward Ross } Kim Payant Photography ] Edward Ross all on bottom

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