We’ve got the power of BENTONITE CLAY… from detox inside out, why we are going back to an old volcanic ingredient…

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By no means is this post referenced by other websites or naturopaths we work with often, however we wanted to share how a little bentonite clay can boost internal and external beauty.

We will say when shopping for this clay, definately purchase in bulk and confirm that its sourced naturally with no extra fillers or harmful particles and that its in fact the correct clay to DIGEST.

How our own CEO, Trena, uses it internally? TBSP per day over a week or two to help support the colon during a quick cleanse. It replenishes and nourishes the colon with certain minerals while deep cleansing and removing toxins out from every nook and cranny from the colon. Trena finds it eliminates headaches that usually accompany a detox. Definately make sure you have been eating enough veggies and fruits and eliminating heavy foods before you start this cleanse. Compliment it with aloe vera juice or adding pyslluim husk powder to increase effectiveness and expelling from the colon. Simply google or check in with your local community grocer to get words of advice.

Topically, a few of us have created pastes for bug bites, sores or acne. However it’s also effective as a clay mask would be. Our Pro Makeup Artist, Mitchell, enjoys creating a mask with either water or ACV as ACV can make ” the face pulsate and go red but gives it such a deep clean”. Trena has added rose oil or avacado oil for extra anti-aging benefits to her clay masks as it helps with removing a bit better in a steam shower. Do NOT rub hard with a facecloth as all that rubbing tugging product off face will hurt your skin OR put a “cheese cloth” like type of fabric on face first then layer on clay mask so zero rubbing is required as much when to remove mask. But Trena suggests ” just plan to hot shower and wash everything off”.

We know its August but we start to get a little excited about a cleanse coming up to boost internal and external beauty following a great summer of enjoying more things and spending more time in the sun. Stay tuned on more wonderful tips to come as we explore more internal and external beauty.


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