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This is what we do!

We arrive with a big smile ready to pretty your face for the BIG day

We work hard at making you feel like the gorgeous woman you are and we love your feedback

“I don’t know how to start emphasizing how wonderful Trena is. She did my makeup for both my engagement shoot and wedding photos, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Looking back on the photos, there is nobody else I would have wanted to glam me up for my big day! She has a talent for emphasizing natural beauty, and is a genuinely wonderful person who makes everyone feel special and beautiful. You will not be disappointed.
All of my bridesmaids and my mom also got their makeup done by Trena on my big day, and each and every one of them commented on how gorgeous they felt. Even my younger sister and mom, who are very hesitant to get their makeup done, were over the moon excited by how gorgeous they looked. We all got a ton of compliments on the makeup. Trena has a true eye for beauty, and I would recommend her for any occasion. I wish I had her every day to make me look and feel beautiful! ”  – Helena

” Thank you so much Trena for making me look and feel even more beautiful than I could ever imagine!! You did an amazing job on me and my girls!! I wish I could get married every day so I could feel as glamorous as I did yesterday!! Thank you thank you thank you!!”  – Tanya

” You know you’re in for an awesome wedding when you get to work with people like Silvertip Resort, Highland Executive Chauffeur Inc., TrenaLaineMakeupArtist, Pez Productions, Eric Daigle Photography, John from ‪#‎MountainMarraiges‬, Flowers by Janie and Spotty Dog Cakes.” – Creative Weddings Planning & Decor

” 4 beautiful families, 10 women (moms and their daughters) will be in front of my camera tomorrow celebrating Mother’s Day. I cannot wait to capture their relationships. Super excited to work with TrenaLaineMakeupArtist and Nathalie Terekhova again, it’ll be a blast! ”  – Svetlana Yanova

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Photo Credits – MegCourtneyPhotography, Cassie’s Camera, Fulleredge Photography

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