We have a January start date and let us tell you, good chunk of your training is online so restrictions that are ever changing….

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Do not interrupt the way you study and apply your new skills. We feel where there is a will, there is a way. Proud to offer our Makeup Program training not only online but with an exclusive package with our pals The Esthetic Institute.

Not only is it the 6 wonderful courses through our online platform (see outline here) but we also have included :

  • few webinars to keep you in the loop and part of a community for training.
  • welcomed into our very own private Trena Laine Community Training page
  • makeup workshops for practical learning
  • hair workshop training
  • branding + portfolio photoshoot workshops to help students kick off their marketing and imaging in the correct way
  • case study practicum

Nov 27th at 6PM, register for our Info Sesh. Come learn more.

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