We finally have made this live late last week! Let’s meet up soon….

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I have been providing virtual meetups and workshops for individuals or beauty and wellness companies with staff/teams over the past year. These meetups provide assistance with both professional career and personal development.

They have been described as “confidence-boosting”, “empowering” and “great excersises to help focus” allows you to up your game in work and play. Foster success in the beauty industry, success as an operating team and challenge the way you think of business.“We are in the business of relationships”, is my motto. This experience with suggesting and providing an one on one with yourself or with your team will enable you all to move past fears, implement better structure and foster better customer care and service.

I am very keen on working with and leaving everyone with excersises.This is not strictly branding but your brand is definitely a reflection on how you view yourself. This could help you reconnect with where you’d like to be going.

Few topics include: 1. The Why – the fuel, the dream, the career or business you are manifestingEstablishing Goals and Intentions.

2. Cultivating New Habits for both Personal and Professional growth (how you spend your 24 hours)

3. In the Business of Relationships

4. Obstacles (recognize, understand, pivot/adjust and move forward- everything from $ to relationships etc.

Click this link here to learn more https://courses.trenalaine.com/virtual-meetups-workshops/

Look forward to meeting up with you

trena laine xx

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