Understanding Makeup Artists

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Understand Makeup Artists – Trena Olfert

It may come as a surprise but NOT all professional, well-known makeup artists are highly experienced in every angle of artistry skills. We have all “specialized” in our mad-skills, that’s what makes us fabulous and allows us to continue to work in the certain areas of our industry(s).

Its really good on the client or bride to be’s end to look over portfolio’s and also ask the correct questions prior to securing an appointment, especially if this is your wedding. Someone who may be in film may have anxiety in providing a natural soft makeup application or the makeup artist who doesn’t have traditional Bollywood in her portfolio will probably not be the best suited makeup artist for the job.

On our end, we specialize in beauty makeup. We enhance what you got. We also choose to work with natural, flattering colors that tend to lean on more of a matte finish over anything too sparkly or shimmery. Our speciality is using colour that compliments and pulls forward your best face from eyes to face/contouring and the little things in between. Our job is educate and work with our clients on finding the best chosen look for glam/boudoir, weddings and engagements to any other big event in our clients lives. We also love shadow liners vs heavy duty liners and oh…. Natural form-fitting lashes that fill in the gaps NOT hit your eyewear if you choose to even wear your sunnies.

What is wrong with shimmer/sparkle or any item that is glittery? Where not saying 100% avoid…but for starters it could enhance fine lines, wrinkles around the eyes or how about adding additional shine to an already oily face or picking up redness in tired/watery eyes. Time and place for when anything shimmery should be used or if you are under 20 yrs.’ young, knock yourself out.

We see you with our trained eye and end result is we want you to feel fabulous but you need to do your research to on your end looking at portfolio’s, eve before and after albums if they are available for your viewing to help you understand a particular makeup artist’s talent. If you have secured your wedding date or any other big event with a makeup artist, combing through THEIR portfolio for inspiration for your look is key. We LOVE social media too, but to be honest depending on your eye shape, face shape, what the application is for, if you show up with Pinterest images please understand this should to help get a feel/be inspired but not be YOUR end result. It’s like showing up at the stylist and asking for long flowing curls when your natural hair state is a cute bob.

Makeup Artists should also be honest with you upon inquiring and provide you with enough information to help better the research and possible booking. We will go out of our way to send inquiries certain images to help clients gain a better feel for what we do, but again its inspiration. Trials are a time to play, get a feel for everything, not a time to panic as end of day its only makeup and makeup can easily be altered, changed and modified to find the exact beautiful image you pictured of yourself on this special occasion.

In conclusion, it’s great to have inspiration but we to have an agenda. We will be asking tons of questions to help better enhance who YOU are and have a wonderful experience.

Happy Shopping for the right makeup artist!


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