Trends vs. Clients – a time and place as when dealing with clients, you will more than likely need to address certain issues….

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Not only issues that may be staring in your face but concerns that generally have clients hire us typically for their reasons that may be bothering or them or not sure where to start in their own at home applications.

Certain fun makeup trends have always come and gone but understanding client’s confidence or a physical skin problem such as acne or rosacea is an entirely different ball game in itself. I have prided myself on taking the time to ackowledge many of our client’s fears, concerns and or situations they may be experiencing.

My team and I have been known for enhanced makeup for ANY age and all skin typed as well as skin tones after all these years. When looking at our portfolio, there should be no shocker to see how we WORK WITH anyone who wishes to camoflauge what they consider to be ugly.

Our applications do not smother or provoke more of a problem, we simply meet the need of the skin and the client’s comfort level to achieve the desired result with our makeup applications.

We provide hands on training for the aspiring makeup artist who wishes to expand her skillset in skin solutions and our full MAKEUP CERTIFICIATION PROGRAM is one of the best with covering not only these issues that need to be taught but also a simple business startup. Jump to and save 20% foff using LAUNCH20!

Not interested in a career and prefer to learn about yourself? We offer online classes for specific needs from mature to acne and everything in between OR if you wish to have to have a full meal deal, don’t miss out on our courses available as well

Any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Always here to help and empower everyone around us.

Trena Laine XO

photo credit Trena Laine – real client
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