This Banff wedding is still one of our faves

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Reason why?

When it is one of your industry friends finally having their wedding following moving the date 5 times, it was so exciting when the day actually came!

Planning makeup and hair can be fun or tricky with your crew.

This wedding did not have any issues as they were all so easy going and everyone wanted makeup and hair.

And we mean, everyone.

However, if this is not your crew, we got some tips for you if someone in your crew is hesitant about makeup and hair.

Could be nerves, bad past experiences, and many other reasons that we find understandable, but we always suggest the following tips on how to handle those who may be delaying your makeup and hair timeline decisions.

  1. Share the company you are considering hiring their portfolio and links to their galleries. Ask the HMUA company for a couple of examples of before after’s of specific clients that you can share with someone in your party not being able to make a decision.
  2. If this person is in a good chunk of your photos, we hate to admit it, but you can totally tell who got professional services done and who didn’t. Our skills are more than just putting makeup on, we consider certain techniques to work with the weather, lighting, the longevity of the day etc.
  3. This person will ALWAYS come up to the makeup and hair people asking our opinion or if they could borrow hairspray. While we don’t mind helping out, do note, that this friend or family member is now nervous and is comparing their makeup and hair to the ones who got professional makeup and hair. 
  4. Or, they now ask if we have time to see them at the end of everyone being done if there is time. Has happened every single time. A high percentage of the time, it unfortunately been no, we can’t see this person last-minute plus, we have jobs to do and also a timeline to follow suit so now this individual may be causing a hiccup or two and thinking we are magicians. I mean, we like to think that too, but the reality is the extra stress and pressure that come along from NOT deciding to get makeup and hair done from the beginning can make things the morning of the wedding a little hectic. 
  5. Consider gifting or working the makeup and hair into yours/or their budget. Plan and allow others to plan accordingly so there are no surprises and as it is your day, it is about you. You decide what is important and everyone should be on Team Bride. We want a fun and smooth flow to your morning timeline and trust us, you will too.

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