The power of a great branding photoshoot lies within a few things…client or artist? read further…

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Ahhhh…personal branding photoshoots are a fave of ours.

Not only do we prep clients for their own headshots or styled shoots, we also provide training to aspiring artists on how to host their own branding shoots to reflect their marketing, style and branding appearance 😀 We are working on a NEW COURSE available soon to simply learn a bulk of your artistry training on top of our current Makeup Certification Program.

More business skills in both professional and personal development. Why? Because its required and if you desire to succeed having images to showcase YOU is valuable from social media to other content to website.

TRAIN WITH PURPOSE. What is the purpose of proper professional makeup training? Well for starters to get back to basics understanding the do’s and do not’s with eye shapes and face shapes.Example: client has a deepset eye with a very short, next to nothing eyelid size. How would eye liners be applied to last all day without closing off eye size, without transferring liner to upper lid and not looking so trendy we no longer see the client enhanced? What if the client had oily lids and crowd feet as well?

If these are the answers you seek or questions you did not even no existed, jump to COURSES.TRENALAINE.COM to register for our PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. Save 20% using code LAUNCH20!. Expires end of month.

Stop lollygaggling and register now. Then organize your study schedule as we anticipate a good 12 weeks if taking 2-3 days per course in our program.

Clients- rest assured our years of expereince with camera, lighting and styling makes us the most sought ought for personal branding. Jump to and book yourself on in.

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