Team work to make your dream work…. (read more)

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It is time to take action and move forward in your career, in your business more than ever. Times have proven things have drastically changed but what we can control in our own vessels, our own minds may be the ticket to getting that dream to still work. 

Why you need to plug in.

We get stuck in our own heads. We allow fear to manifest where it does not need to and end up feeling anxious and unaccomplished. Maybe you are too busy in your business to work ON your business and now may be just the time to plug into virtual workshops that bring not only positivity and motivation but direction and excersises to move you forward. Get out of that slump. Working smarter and doing it with others. 

Collaborate and create your work family.

The phrase ” no man is an island” speaks truth and it is up to you to find people to collaborate, create and make $ with. If you are unsure where to get started in this area, keep an eye out for more workshops to come. As we are in the business of relationships, we need to be doing business differently. You can not continue this alone and when workshops come your way to particpate in, jump at the chance.

Our healthy partnership

The Esthetic Institute and I have been working together for almost a decade and with myselff taking over as their Professional Makeup Artist & Career Coach in 2012, I also introduced my Brand Yourself series for personal and professional development. I felt it was key to bring more than just trade skills, and to focus on skills for business and career development. 

Here we are years later still offering great workshops to date, together. Outside of our own platforms and online coaching, here we are again bringing our collaborations to you.

Our new series are a blend of a survey you may have filled out from questions I had asked, took all that information and created new micro workshops with current excercises modified that I offer in my main workshop.
Total of 60 minutes. Bootcamp. Quick and dirty. In and out.

Whatever you call it, the first two workshops are here ladies and gentlemen!

trena laine xx

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