Makeup Lesson SALE available April 15th. We are not letting restrictions stop us (( just yet)) and happy our clients….(read more)

are still hiring us for all sort of services including our famous Makeup Lessons to get you spring and summer ready. Some of us have changed roles, jobs, careers and the way we do business is all [...]


Celebrating touchdowns over here! Here is what a touchdown is to us…

Celebrating touchdowns tonight!! Whose enjoying Super Bowl LV this evening? πŸ‘‹ A touchdown to me is those beautiful moments, tiny or monumental that move us. Brings a happy tear or your heart to [...]


We have a January start date and let us tell you, good chunk of your training is online so restrictions that are ever changing….

Do not interrupt the way you study and apply your new skills. We feel where there is a will, there is a way. Proud to offer our Makeup Program training not only online but with an exclusive [...]

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