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We’ve got a few new specialty courses now available on our educational platform and also exicted to share we released our FREE MAKEUP CAREER GUIDE awhile back for anyone wanting to understand what may be available following studying with us. Grab your copy now before it is too late.

How fast time has flown spite these 7 months being radically different. As tough as it’s been here and there, we feel most of us have embraced these radical changes like providing training anywhere anytime as it’s all online and available to anyone.

Trena had a business goal check list that was slowly being checked off but deep inside it wasn’t being checked off the way I was wanting it. The month of April presented opportunities to start checking these things accordingly and it’s been one heck of a journey since.

Stronger relationships, the proper relationships are here in this moment, creating more opportunities for others and myself, working on the next projects since finally launching our online makeup + business coaching platform back in July.

What a journey!! Click on link above. That career guide is to provide guidance as to where we assist Professional Makeup Artists… providing you’re open to learning our methods, creating your own career that pays more than just the bills and a satisfaction of “I DID IT!!!”.

Can’t wait for the next upcoming workshops spending time with these artists and hanging with our talented training crew 🤎

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