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How is your summer going?

Busy, fast-paced, or just the right amount of work and play?

When in the beauty industry or any creative business, such as a makeup artist, burnout can happen.

Burnout, if you do not take the time to understand business to compliment your art, your profession as a Professional Makeup Artist.

If you see yourself where we are, now is the opportunity to register.

Register for our September start date and train with us.

Our partners, The Esthetic Institute and Trena Laine always have our students on our minds, what is currently relevant and going on within our industries.

We believe in best practices and have implemented them along with your training.

Register Now!

Not sure where to start? We got you covered.

Here is the breakdown:

288 hours ( 12 weeks)

Online Training

In-person workshops
Pro Makeup + Hair skills
Business + Marketing skills
Portfolio Building + Live Photoshoot skills
Real-life case studies
Makeup Kit 
Student Aid or Monthly Payment Plans available. 

From now until September 15th, TEI is offering a $500 store credit to use at their sister store Beauty Depot!
What an excellent bonus!

Stay tuned on a new reel coming out over at our Instagram.

You will hear from successful past students and instructors alike.

See you in the program.

Trena Laine xx

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