Romance in the air at Elbow Valley Wedding Fun

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This was a fun crowd and also our first test following Alberta’s REP that was released days prior.

These ladies were full of energy and full of life.

Our makeup and hair crew had a blast providing our full wedding package.

What is this wedding package?

Starting at $230/pp, this includes full makeup and hairstyling.

Our gallery shows more of our talents and what to expect when hiring our team.

We budget time accordingly and exit within a timely manner.

Pending how many there are of you, we usually require a good chunk of time to do makeup and hair.

Larger group setting, we also appreciate the majority of you are all there at the same time as we “scan” and assess those in your party.

Think of it as us planning in our brain the game-day plan.

However, back to this Elbow Valley wedding, what a beautiful Autumn day that they had.

The backdrop was the setting of golden larches and evergreens all outlining the background.

Talk about spectacular!

We have shared a few photos over on our Instagram. You can also peek at other weddings.

photo credit – Sarah Beau

Artists – Trena, Lindsay and Ashely

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