Professional Makeup for our client’s eye and lid shapes

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We work with all sorts of eye shapes and lid sizes.

When doing client applications and/or training students, we kind of lump modifcations into a few categories.

Categories such as :

  1. Triple threat – hooded, downturn, and deepest eye shapes. By the way, not necessarily a “threat:” these as negative shapes as these are our clients natural features… more so if the makeup artist doesn’t understand eye shapes, there’s definitely a risk of messing up the eye-building part of the application, hence, the professional causing a threat 😉

2. Size of lids – they come in many sizes from lots of lids to nothing. We work with them all and adjust MANY things. Heck, we even have odd client asking for no liner as their last experience with another company was heavy liner that ended up in other places 🤦‍♀️

3. Strong and/or hairy brows OR defined cheekbones – this definitely plays an impact in eye building, but, to us this becomes science and allows the client’s natural bone structure to guide us ❤️

When we train students or even our own clients with a one on one lesson, everyone’s worlds and eyes are open to the possibility of “I feel comfortable putting eyeliner on my client” OR “I had no idea I could wear my shadows/liners like this on myself “.

This reel demos is one of our modules from our Professional Makeup Artist Course 4. This is also included in the full makeup program.

As we’ve got the Calgary Stampede on our brains this week too, we felt this was a great share on how to modify a fabulous fashionable application for the lovely client’s eye and face shape. Includes a fun Hollywood-style bold red lip 💋 .

This application is done on one of our industry wives @kelceycarlisle who also has a stellar partnership with @ccmaofficial! How exciting!!

View our Professional Makeup Program available through pals –

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