Out with old beauty routines and continuing to embrace natural beauty…

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We could spend a weekend chatting how we feel about ourselves and how we wish ourselves to look on the outside. Recently, a dear client asked me what my skin routine is as I am usually glowing and natural looking in any videos or photos that I share on social media. I do take care of skin and well-being.

But I also do have a routine that I will never give up. This includes changing pillow case every 2 sleeps and washing my face every single night. Right up there with brushing and flossing teeth!

I supplement with collegen, all fish and borage oils and tons of vitamins minerals including high dose of ascorbic acid powder(vit c which produces collegen too) as this is great for the internal beauty, defeating any dryness plus also immune boosting to combat the season of viruses.

I work with two scientific lines when it comes to skin care. From gentle cleanser to AHA’s to serums and creams, I also have a couple other natural milk cleansers and lotions from local markets. Almost weekly, I use a fruit enzyme peel mask, but this season introduced my face weeks ago to a treatment called FORMA, a treatment provided by a skilled technician. Forma contours lifts and forces massive collegen boosting. Every 3-4 months I do indulge for my botox sprinkle. Just one shot under each eye and just couple spots on forehead. I do not overdue and the nurse who gives me botox is a firm believer on less is more too.

Thats what I’ve been doing lol. Loving my skin!!! Plus still use my own foundation as its not too heavy. I love my contour kits, blush, mascara and matte shadows for eyes/brows to create an enhanced look that never looks dry, makes skin look weary or tired AND most certainly never causes breakouts, even if I am stuck in a mask when seeing clients.

Drop me an email over at concierge@trenalaine.com if you seek referrals to any of the above

trena laine xo

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