Pro Wedding Makeup Artist

Meet Michelle ❤

Michelle has been on the Trena Laine squad for several years and also assists teaching Trena Laine’s Online Makeup Program. You may have seen her in action on a gig or on a webinar. We have been blessed having this YYC born beauty contributing so much to not only all of our weddings but also taking care of our clients for engagement and boudoir.

To say that she is passionate about makeup and esthetics would be an understatement. When she’s not helping her clients look their very best, you can find her shopping for makeup, reading about makeup, or meticulously picking apart the looks and styles of celebrities. A graduate of the Evelyn Charles Academy in Calgary (under Trena), Michelle has worked her magic at fashion shows, weddings, corporate events, and fitness competitions. . A cancer survivor herself, she’s also particularly sensitive to the needs of women who need a little special TLC to brighten up their day.


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