Meet Mareena ♡

Obsessed with everything beauty-related is what Mareena will share; for as long as she can remember! Whether it's skincare, hair care, makeup, hairstyles, injectables, treatments, nail art, interior design, fashion... you name it, she's all in!
With a passion for helping others achieve their beauty goals, Mareena specializes in weddings, lessons, and all things photoshoot fun. She's driven by sharing education and tips that she learns, eager to empower others to do their own makeup and hair. To this day, she continues to enjoy learning about different products and techniques, sharing that information with anyone she thinks it can help.

When she's not busy with her family and kids, you'll also find our fun-loving artist dabbling in decorating, home improvements, furniture restoration, helping kids with projects, and working on her garden. She enjoys keeping her hands busy and learning new things all the time.

We believe this makes her the best conversationalist because as well when you're in her chair, and Mareena is the hostess with the mostess. Just ask her close family and friends!

Crossing over into the beauty industry was the best decision for her, as she's creative at heart and loves spearheading her artistic side. Plus, her love for others shines through in everything she does. We are thrilled to have her on our team.

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