Meet Beth   ❤  Beth is no stranger to bridal hairstyling and for her love of color and big transformation projects since 2018. With making it official and graduating from Delmar in 2021, Beth has had the opportunity to work with Calgary’s top hairstylists and train closely with one of our own, Stephanie.

Beth has been working with the Trena Laine family with wedding gigs, events, and runway for the past few years and brings beautiful boho styles and dreamy waves to her styles. Along with talent, Beth brings energy and excitement to all of the weddings and we appreciate her taking care of our clients. Beth currently works at HBR+CO as an independent artist while continuing to be mentored by the owner who has worked during Paris fashion week.

As a mentee, Beth continues to learn, study and apply her knowledge in the hair industry. You will be seeing this cute face in ur next busy wedding season coming up! When she’s not working you can find her outside either in the mountains or sitting on a dog-friendly patio hanging out with all the cute pups! 

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