Our engagement makeup and hair are customized for you

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Considering professional makeup and hair for your upcoming engagement photos?

Super duper!

Here are our pro tips:

“Keep your trial and engagement separate.

After years of working with our wedding clients, there are different vibes between engagement and game day.

Engagement should be fun, casual, and easy-going with a different look from your wedding makeup and hair.

Plus, most engagement shoots occur so far out that it’s rather difficult to plan a wedding look if your hair color or cut or anything other details are not formed yet.

Plus, we prefer a bit more time at the wedding trial combing through everything vs feeling rushed and trying to squeeze in too many things in one visit.

As this is your wedding, why are trying to cram several things in one visit?

We should be enjoying the journey and each separate event that bring us joy.

Wedding trials should occur 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding date.

We have been providing this to our wedding clients for years and find this is the best plan of action.”

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