Natural Makeup for Mild Sunburn

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Tis the season of sunburn and dehydration, dear Trena Laine Babes.

Seems to be a thing not only Canada but out here in Calgary where our climate is already dry and we find our skin is suspectable to potential further damage.

What kind of damage do you ask? Dehydration leads to further wrinkles and dull skin. Leaves it exposed to further sun damage and probably easier to burn.

Think hydrating tonics and oils that leave thirsty skin feeling revived and protected.

Using lotions that actually work into the skin and do their job. Not just hover on the surface for a bit pretending they are doing something.

I hear it all the time.

“My lotion or skincare has not made a difference”. You need to start reading ingredients and working with products that infuse science and nature.

Happy to lend options from our end, but getting that skin up to par also allows your makeup to look refreshed, youthful and radiant. Who would not disagree with this?

We visit this in our online makeup classes as well as during a makeup lesson when you are booked in with us. We have options to help change up both your skincare and makeup game.

But do check out our recent video. A teaser from one of our makeup courses that shares an easy few tricks when working with mild sunburn and mature skin.

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