Natural, beautiful YOU. Tips with the few less products to up your at home game….

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and come out looking refreshed and awake! Not only does keeping your makeup kit simple, also keeping everything CLEAN and washing those brushes helps keep bacteria causing major no-no’s to your skin. When clients start experiencing blemishes, rashes and a change in texture, the culprit can usually be the lack of cleaning of your own tools.

Grab your shampoo and give those items a bath. Clean , wipe your makeup tote out and before you put compacts back in, give those compacts a wipe on the outside. Trena swears by her own makeup tote only carries the few makeup brushes she needs as well as her shadow palette, contour kit, mascara, blush, lipgloss, concealer and foundation. That is all. A few products that can do 2-3 things very well for at home application.

Plus carrying around just a few things helps eliminates things from spilling all over, extra germs getting into everything etc. Take care of your personal tote. Take care of your items. Shop less and find product that provides options to do a few things for you. Keep everything simple. This is great practise for easy, natural, beautiful YOU.

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