Mountain elopements and travels anywhere in Alberta

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We still enjoy elopements! They’ve been a thing for as far back as we can remember.

We typically have a minimum count of face/head depending on the season and weekend, however, for weekday elopements we are flexible πŸ˜‰

πŸ’„ Travels to you. We will arrive the night before to avoid the unexpected

πŸ’„ We have traveled to pretty far distances and as long as you reach out sooner, we can plan effectively. We would be happy to!

πŸ’„ We do a pre-wedding trial closer to date or do our best to accommodate if you’re popping into the city for final wedding plans. Or, zero stress if we end up game planning on wedding day. We try to accommodate you as much as possible

πŸ’„ Makeup and hair timeline, we usually request no more than 2 hours to give us wiggle room. We will still exit at a time that gives you YOUR time to do the little things, put on dress etc

πŸ’„ Style of makeup and hair- things to consider. If its a heli-elopement and/or with a hike, we need to discuss hair absolutely. Nothing like the choppers wind ripping out your hairstyle 😬

We would be happy to chat!

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