Makeup Lesson SALE available April 15th. We are not letting restrictions stop us (( just yet)) and happy our clients….(read more)

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are still hiring us for all sort of services including our famous Makeup Lessons to get you spring and summer ready. Some of us have changed roles, jobs, careers and the way we do business is all virtual, so we are finding our in person makeup lessons ( at your kitchen table) are creating opportunities to be fresh faced and ready for virtual meetings, shooting your own content or if you are heading out of town for a micro wedding or photoshoot.

Your home or your office, we can easily come on over and spend 1.5 hours with you and assisting with you easy yet effective makeup techniques that you can comfortably do on your own at a later time.

No need to go shopping as the entire point of the lesson is to find out what you actually need, what may simplify your life and what to perhaps throw out. Yes, we said it but we leave the tossing out of old product to YOU. And if you are interested in purchasing Trena Laine goodies, our artist can assist you right on the spot to place an online order via our website and within 2-3 days you will have your treats. 

Keep in mind our goal is not to sell on you tons of product, we like to keep things very simple and introduce you to better ways to work with makeup tips, techniques and product. We visit your eye and face shape and of course proper brow filling at the end.

What our clients are saying this season
“It was an absolute blast.  So happy I invested the time to do this.  I feel so much more confident.  My contouring needs practice but I think everything else is just putting in the time to do it right. The foundation is also amazing.”     -LeAnne

” It was a lot of fun even though I wont ever be a make up artist! But this is why you are there 🙂 ” – Elaine

Promo Now On

Effective April 15 to May 31st, enjoy one of our makeup lessons on sale and save 10% off the lesson. be sure to book MAKEUP LESSON SALE if booking yourself in online.    As we do come to you , please note the address needs to be a Calgary address. If you are a little ways away, there will be additional charges. Book on in and schedule your lesson with Sarah, Ashley or Trena. You can see our availbility all online. 

Our artists are still taking extra protocols when doing house, office and hotel visits for all sorts of services and doing our best to making sure everyone stays safe. As we typically prefer no cancelations, we also understand that this season can bring uncertainity so we may allow up to 1 rescheduled date with lessons but as everyone knows our customer service is always over and beyond with the way we communicate with our clients. 

If you feel uneasy, please do not book on in. Drop Trena an email over at and we can visit your thoughts via email.

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