Makeup for sensitive eyes that is done right

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Professional makeup for studio photography AND if the client has a preference to wear eyewear.

Sometimes we find this client may be sensitive and a little prone to watering.

But, also when wearing glasses, our job is to be mindful of their features.

Like this beautiful lady right here.

Love the finished portrait and wipe thru to see her getting ready journey.

Yes, we can be bossy in our videos LOL but it’s all for the win 🏆

✔️ focus on eyes not being closed off by choosing to work with shadow tones that illuminate and brighten the eye (note: this doesn’t mean shimmers or sparkles)

✔️ top eyeliner is placed right in the lash line to avoid liner ending up in the crease and to avoid it being heavy. We chose a brown/black finish.

✔️ healthy dose of HD foundation on the face and snuck in a lighter foundation under the eyes to enhance, and brighten while respecting very small fine lines and possible eye tearing

✔️ contour nose slightly lighter at the top to avoid eyewear rubbing, and smudging but when working with a matte powder finish, this can be very rare to occur.

✔️ contour temples to allow a balance from the top of the face to the chin so when eye frames are present, there’s an even flow.

✔️ brows need to be filled with a focus on the arch. We chose 2 browns to gently define, shape, and shade to see them behind glasses but not so strong, client’s features are not creating a frown

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