How your face represents your brand today.

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Never hesitate to hire a pro for photo makeup and hair!

We are trained to see your features, your skin tone, your face muscles flexing and resting and many other unique things to prepare your face for the camera.

All clients ask for the same.

” Natural not too played up”

“Want clients to recognize me”

There are a few statements we totally understand and once we get to know your role, job position, and clothing you brought for the photoshoot, it helps us determine where are going with makeup and hair.

False lashes are not too big and overdone.

Not about bold lips UNLESS you are always in a bold lip.

Maybe you are the paper pusher and don’t have that many face to face visits with clients.

Maybe you are the face they see at the first encounter.

Whatever your story, we understand and know how to work with you.

Book yourself on in. We would be happy to take care of you.

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