How to prep for your wedding makeup

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We have been lending tips for our pals The Wedding Fair to share as they promote their March 27th show

Here are a couple of tips that may snag your interest.


“In regards to the timeline of the day, the bride should be in the hair chair sooner rather than later and makeup should be close to mid-way of the beauty prep.

Anxiety and a different vibe of stress kick in a little bit mid-morning, so after years of weddings, the bride should be ready to go sooner than later. Touchups and tiny adjustments can occur, especially when the photographer arrives, we can set up what we call a ‘mock run’ or ‘staged getting makeup shot’.

The bride should not be last due to the business of the morning and with other things occurring like the event planner or flowers arriving or when the photographer gets there, everyone needs your attention and you may find yourself pulling away from makeup to simply exchange a few words with vendors. Before your makeup and hair pros exit, there should be a quick double-check and scan of the wedding party to make sure all is great and everyone feels happy.”


“Skin problems and sensitivities are the #1 comment we get from our wedding clients. We are all heavily trained and stay up to par with skin treatments and products that are out there.

We also have great relationships with pro skin experts, facialists, and wellness gurus to also refer our clients to.

We love hydrating and supportive facials versus aggressive, detoxing deep cleansing of the skin prior to the wedding day. You should have a schedule in place prior to any major event.

Trena has a routine prior to a big event or photoshoot.

Two months out, Trena loves a peel to brighten up dull skin. If you are getting hair removal and any botox, fillers, earlier the better to avoid random reactions or bruising occurring lie at least 4-5 weeks out. Avoiding diets that are too strict or too easygoing can also cause chaos in the body and in the face, being mindful of having a schedule of treatments or proper hydration/diet for inside and outside will allow you to look and feel your best.

Also, a little acupuncture works wonders at increasing circulation in the body and helping with puffiness/bloat. Lean on natural remedies and treatments that could help your body perform its best.”

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