How clients prep for their upcoming appointment

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When our clients prep for their upcoming photoshoots, we then create a little harmony together 

What does prepping mean? Allow us to break this down.

 Preparing should not be an obsession! If it’s stressing you out, you’re overthinking everything.

Preparing your wardrobe with tones that compliment you the best. If you need to shop, go shopping a week out. That’s our trick personally OR if nothing resonates, black or white is our go-to. *Black shirt will mean a bit more makeup FYI

 Hair. We’ve seen it all. Don’t change anything if you just want an update or refresh with your portraits. We’ve seen the client who stresses and decides to switch up the hair, fusses to style it because it’s a new style; or expects the same results from the last photoshoot in which we’re like “You have different hair…” A new hairstyle should be well thought out!!

 Lash extensions. Don’t overkill. They should allow your eyes to look and be open. A good fill should almost leave people asking “Are those real?”. We should be able to see your eye makeup. The entire eye look should be complimentary. If you have never worn lash extensions, your upcoming photoshoot may not be the best time for a trial run. Just sayin.

Skin prepping. The 1st rule is your makeup will only look extra flawless if you take care of your skin and skincare. Treatments should be booked weeks out. Ask your skin tech about recovery because if you did a peel or are using retinol, makeup won’t stick Figure out your botox and fillers accordingly. Again, if any of these are new be sure you ask questions to feel our new skin routine so that together your skin and our makeup application is close to perfection as a team. 

Day of. Don’t overbook your day. We get it as we’re all busy and squeezing in a photoshoot is another thing in your schedule. We will say this. Those who plan accordingly for their makeup/hair timelines and have wiggle room to change, and feel confident going into the actual photoshoot certainly have a better outcome. Don’t rush. Enjoy this moment. 

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