Hot Trends Fall 2020….. now with masking up our faces, how to still look refreshed and vibrant…

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This blog post may come as a surprise to you as we feed off what works best for ourselves vs following trends that come and go.

We always lean on personal style including working with what your skin needs following summer, your age and if you are experiencing any skin concerns. As we love vibrant hues to perk up our faces and the option used to be a nice lip tone as a quick add on, however given wearing masks, we find ourselves opting back to eyes.

But most of our clients are finding it hard to perk up only the eyes due to allergies, sensitivities and or feeling out of touch with knowing “when is enough, enough?”

One thing I will tell you is that opting for anything too shimmery or highlighting excessively can do more harm than good. If you are exhausted, showcasing any redness or dealing with sweaty, oily skin etc. we usually suggest the less is more feels with your makeup application. Choosing lightweight, water based products are usually the best along with waiting to put on your makeup post your morning skin care routine.

We offer MAKEUP LESSONS if you desire a bit more one and one with one of our arists. We are mobile and simply would setup “shop” at the comfort of your kitchen table.

We also now offer ONLINE VIRTUAL CLASSES that provide several topics on makeup education so you can easily learn on your own time, in the comfort of your home.

As always, we are here for our Trena Laine Babes

trena laine xx

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