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For the beauty professional and anyone who needs a pick-me-upper, we are hosting FREE WOrkSHOPS!

Starting October 13th, online and with pals The Esthetic Institute.

Trena has rallied her humans and those who are experts in certain fields to pop in for a 1-hour session.

These sessions will be offered once a month.

All free.

All you need to do is register for the upcoming dates.

Check back in on this blog post to see more that will be added here.


Join Trena and friends on visiting the mega-socials of the hour! From Facebook to Instagram to Tik Tok we will be visiting on how and when to use these tools effectively; utilize for storytelling and promotion; gain an organic following; understanding when not only to hashtag but to tie in your ‘Gram stories with your reels and posts; and last, but not least, consistent messaging to connect your socials to your website’s SEOs. Yes, there are hidden ways to make your business stand out and engage the correct audience. 




Trena and her panel of retail gurus will delightfully break down all confusion when it comes to being the retail boss and creating sales in house and online. Whether your retail products or services, understanding the tools and apps available to succeed and have everything streamlined in one place will assist any beauty professional with running their business successfully. You are in the business of relationships, so let’s generate healthy ways of doing business to up those sales.



So, join us as we get off the cuff and share some best practices.

Trena Laine, The Esthetic Institute and our Guest Speakers

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