mobile makeup + hair services now available including post COVID sanitation…… what you need to know.

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We can’t til we get our clean hands on that face ! We just have a few things for you to consider upon booking in with our squad.

We have implemented over and above our normal sanitation requirements for mobile services. We will be very transparent with our communication, with wearing our masks and sanitizing hands as we normally often do, proper spacing available while visiting studio or us coming to your home, and always making sure that both you and us are all safe as we ease into this next journey.

We have always followed AHS requirements for proper sanitation and hygiene of oursleves, tools, brushes and anything that touches another human. However, we will continue to:

  • Wash & Sanitize Hands before and after each application as we always have. We will not be in gloves as we can not work with them on. If you wish to be in gloves you more than welcome but not necessary. We will simply also have you sanitize when we do. Our sanitizers include 99% rubbing alcohol, Pre-Empt and T36 for such cases that require us to use heavy medical grade cleaners if we come across anything else other than COVID. Hair tools may include barbicide or antibacterial spray to clean/sanitize properly.
  • Wear/bring our own Masks ( we do not supply masks to clients, please note to get your makeup done, you will not be in a mask and you will not be in one leaving your appointment). We will be in light and airy clothing to do our jobs. We will not be in a shield and do not require you to be in a cape. We suggest you wear clothing that you can easily change out of if need be.
  • we may carry extra essential oils like thieves that assists as an additional anti-bacterial spray. not fragrancey, but provides additional immune boosting properties.
  • we carry lysol wipes as we use this to wipe down the table, the stool etc.. If we are setup in your home, the kitchen table is perfect for us to do our jobs efficiently. We will be sanitizing.
  • we also go as far as having a change of socks, sanitized indoor runners/crocs, etc available upon entering your home to keep us from tracking anything from the outside.
  • we also suggest that during visits, there are no others at time of visit. Just you, the client, and us. Please also remove any animals from the area if in your home.
  • We also appreciate your patience as we sanitize upon setup and sanitize everything upon exiting, we may need a few more extra minutes. We need to make sure everything is good to go at all times.
  • we also would like to address that any booking with Trena Laine, there is a “silent waiver “, an understanding that us nor yourself will be reponsible if someone was to fall ill following a visit. The more exposure we have, the more we may consider COVID testing but not finding it necessary to date.

Can’t wait to see our Trena Laine Babes soon ?❤?❤?❤?

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