Collaborting is key especially more than ever!

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Collaborations are key to creating success together and supporting eachother in our industry. This speciality makeup course was wonderful to shoot last August, especially during a rocky time in our industry.

We have always had the pleasure to continue to collaborate this past decade with lovely Pro MUA @kada.issa, owner of @bombaybeautyloft and it was a natural fit to work on this makeup course together 🤎

Looking to discover makeup inspiration for traditions and culture? Join us in this online makeup course that ties in a couple classic base applications. Visiting medium and dark skin tones, Kada takes the time to understand skin texture and complexion and how they respond to certain products. We felt as this is Kada’ area of expertise, we had her provide the thorough demonstrations. Learn more on this online makeup course and others over at

We do cover variety of skin tones and ages in our full Certification MUA Program however was ideal to have Kada share from her professional experience. Use code KADA40 and get 40% off.

*Please note there were no shortcuts in achieving the makeup looks you will find in these videos in all of our courses and makeup program.

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