Celebrating touchdowns over here! Here is what a touchdown is to us…

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Celebrating touchdowns tonight!! Whose enjoying Super Bowl LV this evening? 👋

A touchdown to me is those beautiful moments, tiny or monumental that move us. Brings a happy tear or your heart to soar. A touchdown where we can celebrate life’s milestones and our achievements. A touchdown that has brought change, joy, success and just feeling great to feel alive today 🙏

We love being a part of our student’s or client’s touchdowns. Those inches each of take along your journey.

Documenting your own boudior photoshoot because you want to embrace your beauty? That’s a touchdown.
Expecting and booking in that maternity shoot? That’s a touchdown.

Engagement. Grad. Family. Anniversary. Corporate. Wedding. Guess what? ALL TOUCHDOWNS!

Expanding or adding onto your professional career? That’s a touchdown to be recognized. Pivoting your profession. Changing your job. Starting your own beauty business. Massive touchdown!

As majority of my profession and teachings have included professional camera ready makeup and joking with on my @trenalainemakeupcompany
Makeup Artists “Is this a photography class or makeup class?” …. we heavily discuss with students or those we are working with the combination of makeup complimenting the camera.

Need a touchdown in your life? We are here for you. Book services trenalaine.com or connect with me to learn more on my makeup courses and advanced program. I have many options to help you further your career.

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