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For the week of May 22- June 2nd, please note all orders will ship between June 2-3rd due to a family funeral and travels. There will be no deliveries or email correspondence. Thanks in advance.
Our Online tool is only for 1 person booking at a time.
Please connect with us if you are not sure what to book for and if there is more than one of you who needs makeup and hair services. 


Our non-wedding makeup and hair packages are available mobile-only and travel-only within Calgary. For anything outside of YYC, please connect as we do travel upon a mileage fee.

If you wish to book services for a destination photoshoot or wish to connect with us regarding weddings and elopements, please fill out the form here.


Steps/ Policies/ All Services Booked

( this below excludes weddings, see our email to you on our wedding policies and terms/conditions)

  1. Select a service or artist and select an appointment.
  2. Please include in NOTES at the time of booking the location/address if different from the address you provided. THIS is important as we plan accordingly on our end.
  3.  We offer 6 weeks of advanced booking with a minimum of 3 days to book a service.  *We suggest filling out the contact form if a date/time is not available however, please note if you can’t find a date, we are probably not available.
  4.  Please note payment is secured at the time of appointment (pre-pay). If you need to cancel, we will happily apply the credit towards a service of the same or a lesser value near future. We understand things come up, but, we also plan on our end to accommodate you so please allow 48 hours’ notice to cancel between Mon-Friday.
  5.  You will receive an email booking confirmation once the appointment is booked. In there, you can easily adjust, edit, modify, or reschedule your appointment.
  6. Expect a text from the artist you are booked with 1-2 days prior to the appointment date to simply check in and confirm your address.
  7. Please note that if you choose to cancel this appointment, this does not provide an automatic refund. *not applicable to weddings
  8. At this time we do not provide refunds, we simply apply a credit to your account and can happily reschedule you later for another date/time.
  9. Make sure this cancellation policy works for you. COVID-19 will not qualify as an extenuating circumstance.
  10.  If we have manually booked you in on our end, you will receive an invoice that reflects the deposit/retainer and a final invoice that is due typically 10 days prior to our visit with you. We provide flat-rate services to make it easy and account for all of our travels to arrive to you in a timely manner and also account for travels after our visit. We appreciate the required payment(s) in full prior to any gig or appointment.
  11.  Please be patient with us as we are only humans doing what we love and may need time to connect or confirm bookings. We also care about you and politely ask in return that kindness and patience are also demonstrated. We will not tolerate behavior that resembles badgering, harassment, or abuse via emails, texts, or DMs.
  12.  We only check our emails once per day between Mondays to Thursdays. We do not provide phone calls for inquiries. If you are booked with us and we happen to be away, please note the artist you are booked with will follow up with a text closer to the appointment date.


Do contact us at the time of booking if you wish to have your own hair extensions clipped in and styled at the time of appointment so we can book accordingly. Please note additional charges will apply for extra hair styling, hair extensions, and if the appointment is outside city limits.

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