See yourself here?

How is your summer going? Busy, fast-paced, or just the right amount of work and play? When in the beauty industry or any creative business, such as a makeup artist, burnout can happen. Burnout, [...]

The fairest of them all.

Introducing our sweet and fairest HD foundation shade in 100. Perfect porcelain, perfect camouflage of your natural skin. Allowing your skin to look like skin, it does not appear heavy or cakey [...]

Autumn wedding inspiration

Back in Feb, we hosted a small photoshoot of only 3 of us with big plans to drive to acreage for the actual shoot. While Trena was prepping the professional model, a crazy intense winter blizzard [...]

Makeup lovers unite.

We may be in the thick of a wedding season that exploded overnight but we are also preparing for our next Advanced Professional Makeup Artist Diploma Program with pals at The Esthetic [...]

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