Beauty Busters!

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Some you heard of, others you may have not

These are our RED FLAGS, the mothers of all Beauty Busters

1. Glitter – unless your 10 yrs young, feel free otherwise stay clear as anything with aggressive shimmer and glitter will pick up your flaws from fine lines, to acne and oily spots. Pretty sure you don’t want to look sweaty when its not even hot outside.

2. Alcohol – superior dehydration at its best! Avoid for a bit to help skin rejuvenate and plump itself back up with hydration

3. Sugar, excessive amounts- ends up as rashes, redness, pimples, acne not just on face but chest and back can take a beating too!

4. Self-tanners on the Face – sometimes its just easier to fake a bronzed dewy appearance with makeup and the correct bronzers

5. Do not use your body soap on your face! Not moisturizing and hydrating, yes sometimes you may need the 7 step system to balance out skin, so suck it up and and allow your skin to heal girlfriend!

6. We like colour as we are Makeup Artists after all, however shy away from colours from red to purple to blue and green as these colours are not most friendliest to red eyes, dark circles and other uneven skin tones. Choose colours that are timeless, classic, sophisticated. Enough said.

7. Aggressive Facials/Treatments prior to a big event! Go far in advance so you are not risking the chance of disrupting your skin’s normal routine.

Just a few tips we love sharing!

We offer Makeup Lessons, a good time to bring your beauty bag full of goodies and we hash out whats best for you and possibly what you needn’t to worry about.

– Trena Olfert, Pro Makeup Artist and Owner, trena laine makeup artist


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