Are you engaged? Best makeup tips

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OOhh, do we ever love that fresh new excitement of a couple getting their photos done!

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Prepping for your engagement shoot can be intimidating if this is not something you do often.

We work with awesome photographers who know the best camera tricks, but, we also know the best camera makeup and hair tips.

Avoid shimmers, shine, and tones that can make you look sweaty, oily, or even worse like you have been crying!

Are you also taking pics outside or in a controlled setting like studio lighting?

Both makeup and hair will highly be considered for lighting, weather, movement, kissing, and all that fun.

If you have sensitive skin, be sure to treat your skin well with products and diet leading up to the big day.

Get your hair done the week prior so it still feels fresh but so not fresh it’s hard to style.

Just a couple of friendly tips, but, upon booking with us, we walk you through all of that anyway.

Book yourself on in!

photo credits top l-r: Svetlana Yanova, Megan Jolie, and Kelsey Vera. ( last photo HMUA Lindsay with other 2 pics Trena)

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